AMSAT-NA, AMSAT-UK und AMSAT-DL unterzeichneten im Februar 2007 ein gemeinsames "Memorandum of Understanding" um den Bau des AMSAT Phase 3-E Satelliten (P3-E) weiter voranzutreiben und auch die weitere internationale Unterstützung anzukurbeln.  AMSAT P3-E soll als internationaler Amateurfunksatellit den Funkamateuren und auch deren Verbänden weltweit zu gute kommen.

Damit P3-E pünktlich zum geplanten Termin starten kann, sind weitere Kraftanstrengungen in Form von Spenden (z.B. auf der Pixelseite http://www.p3e-satellite.org/ ) sehr erwünscht.


Memorandum of Understanding


AMSAT-DL for the last five years has been building the P3-E spacecraft to be launched into a HEO and intended as a replacement for previous P3 satellites. It's purpose is to facilitate communication between radio-amateurs worldwide and at the same time to test and verify technologies and procedures needed for the P5-A mission to Mars. AMSAT-DL to this day has invested about 500,000 Euro into this project.

AMSAT-NA and AMSAT-UK wish to contribute to the P3-E project, primarily with the goal to have the launch of P3-E as early as possible in order to give to their respective members the use of the communication services provided by P3-E.

It is recognized that the capability of AMSAT-DL to raise funds limits the speed of the development of P3-E. In order to make a launch possible in 2008, AMSAT-DL has an immediate need of 40,000 Euro and an estimated need of ~200,000 Euro prior to the actual launch-date. AMSAT-NA and AMSAT-UK wish to help with the raising of these requirements by providing 30,000 Euro (AMSAT-NA) and 10,000 Euro (AMSAT-UK) in the near future. Furthermore, they wish to contribute by raising additional funding as the actual launch arrangements materialize.

In order to achieve an effective cooperation in the funding effort and the construction and launching of P3-E, the following details to implement the cooperation are agreed:

  1. The three AMSAT organizations will closely coordinate their activities and monitor progress of the project by frequent mutual consultations on the telephone. To this end the three parties will hold nominally a monthly telephone conference to review the status of the project and to identify problem areas. At this time the three organizations will be represented by Rick, Jim and Peter at these telephone-conferences.

  2. According to need, the three organizations agree to hold sufficiently frequent meetings in person to review the project status. These meetings are assumed to be desirable with a frequency of 6-12 month between them.

  3. It is understood by all three organizations that procuring a timely launch for P3-E is one of the bigger challenges of the project. AMSAT-DL is concentrating major efforts of procuring a launch with Arianespace, while AMSAT-NA is trying to develop a launch opportunity within the USA. All parties recognize that major progress in funding is contingent on a firm launch agreement. All parties further recognize that a timely construction and integration of P3-E is critically dependent on all parties giving highest priority to fulfilling their respective commitments.

  4. All three organizations understand that funding progress is dependent on effective information dissemination worldwide. To this end the three organizations reiterate their mutual agreement that each organization can publish all P3-E related publications of the other two organizations in their respective public organs without special permission. Furthermore, each organization is free to prepare 'official' statements about the project, but these publications must be agreed with the project management of P3-E (AMSAT- DL) prior to publication. Requests for agreement to publish will be sent to Peter (or another person chosen by him), who will use best efforts to respond within 7 days with an answer. With other publications by individual authors no such agreement is necessary provided that the context makes it is clear that the publication is not an official declaration by the project management or AMSAT-DL.

  5. AMSAT-DL reiterates that the operational use of P3-E will be primarily to provide amateur radio communication services. But all parties also understand that the spacecraft is a dual service satellite, and that AMSAT-DL retains the right to occasionally reduce the provision of amateur radio services if work towards P5-A requires this. A-DL will use due diligence to minimize the impact of the P5-A requirements on the provision of amateur services.

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