On June 6, 2007, the Voyager Flight Team opened the photo we received in the mail from you. Congratulations on your successful downlink acquisition of Voyager 1 at your 20 meter tracking station. Acquiring such a distant object is a remarkable achievement, especially for an amateur team. Thank you very much for your interest in Voyager.

Voyager Flight Team
Voyager Flight Team members
As a token of our appreciation, please find the attached photo of our team. Voyager Flight Team Members are, from left to right, Mr. Ed Massey - Project Manager, Steve Howard - Ground Data Systems Engineer, Thomas Weeks - Attitude Control Sensors Engineer, Regina Wong - Science Processing, Larry Zotarelli - Sequence Engineer, Pearline Johnson - Finance, Jim Jaeger - Data System Engineer, Roger Ludwig - Telecom & Sequence Integration Engineer, Sun Matsumoto - System Lead & Fault Protection Engineer, Enrique Medina - Attitude Control & Electrical Power Engineer, Glenda Sherman - Secretary, Jefferson Hall - Mission Director.

Roger Ludwig on behalf of the Voyager Flight Team
Voyager Interstellar Mission