AMSAT P3-D Launch Campaign Kourou, Part 2

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Freddy de Guchteineire ON6UG, Mirek Kasal OK2AQK and Michael Fletcher OH2AUE performing functional testing on all receivers and transmitters.
Bdale Garbee KB0G and Jim White WD0E performing the functional testing on RUDAK, GPS, SCOPE, MONITOR, CEDEX and CAN-SmartNodes..
Lyle Johnson WA7GXD is very happy about the perfect test results of the YAHU and it's YACE camera.
Peter Gülzow DB2OS in the Safety Room. CSG gave us permission to use our 70cm handhelds for internal communication.
Herman Günther is prepared to install the antennas for our 70cm repeater at the FY5KE clubstation near the technical centre in Kourou.
The antenna farm of the radio club of Kourou, FY5KE
Installation of Yagi antennas for our 70cm repeater, which is used to improve our communication between the launch area and Kourou.
70cm FM repeater for our launch campaign. Duplex Filter kindlly donated by PROCOM Denmark and the Repeater Controller donated by NHRC.
Meeting in the CDL3, the blockhouse for the ARIANE 5 rocket.
Horst Wagner DB2ZB, Peter Gülzow DB2OS, Konrad Müller DG7FDQ, Herman Günther, Wilfried Gladisch, Jay Ramdas and Lou McFadin W5DID getting permission to enter the BAF area.
getting ready for the safety training in the BAF with the firemen
Peter DB2OS jumps into the emergency escape canvas tube.
We survived!!
The launch table from the previous successfull ARIANE 5 launch V130 was rolled back into the BAF.
This is were P3-D will be finally lifted on top of the rocket together with the other satellites.
Unpacking of the SBS for the mechanical fit check.
Mechanical fit check with the SBS mounted on the ASAP5 structure and the ACU adaptor on top of it.
Preparing to mount the bottom plates on the spacecraft
finished HiGain antenna side, all thermal blankets are in place.
Spacecraft removed from the rotissery and now mounted on the tridolly.

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