AMSAT P3-D Launch Campaign Kourou, Part 3

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Dick Janson working on the solar panel prior installation.
Deployment test of the solar array (seen from the back side).
Electrical function test of the solarpanels.
Bob Davis KF4KSS working on the umbilical interface on the SBS.
P3-D and the SBS (support bearing structure) in which the satellite will be installed on top of the ASAP5 structure, with the main payload above us.
Bottom side of P3-D with Omni antennas and thermal blankets just before installing the spacecraft in the SBS.
Lowering the satellite into the SBS, which arrived back from the stacking fit check in the BAF.
P3-D mounted in the SBS, ready for the filling operations. The last panel will be installed when the filling operation is finished.
Thomas Maier and Martin Riehle from ASTRIUM Lampoldshausen/Germany preparing the equipment for the N2O4 Oxidiser filling operation.
The Oxidizer for our 400N Bi-Propellant system.
Connecting the N2O4 transfer tank.
The complete fueling team (Dick Daniels W4PUJ, Thomas Maier and Martin Riehle) ready to start the filling operation.
The propellant handling unit EDU Oxidiser.
Safety Operations Room were operations are monitored by the CSG safety officer and AMSAT personal.
Various cameras to observe the operation in the building.
Peter Gülzow DB2OS, Chuck Green N0ADI and safety officer Pascal Decroq.
Getting ready for the second filling operation for MMH (Hydrazine).
Again fully dressed up for the hazardous operation.
A TV team from ARTE/NDR filming our filling operation for a documentation about the ARIANE 5 rocket.
The MMH filling operation went extremly smooth.

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