AMSAT P3-D Launch Campaign Kourou, Part 4

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After work comes the shower!
The last filling operation with Amonia for the Arcjet electrical thruster, a premiere for Kourou!
P3-D is the world's second satellite which uses an Amonia-Arcjet and the first spacecraft to use it an primary propulsion system.
Interview with Chef de Mission Remy Kocher from Arianespace for ARTE.
Installation of the last Solar Panel.
AMSAT P3-D after installation of the last solar panel. Ready for the beginning of the combined operations and transfer to the final assembly building (BAF) of the Ariane 5 rocket.
Wilfried Gladisch from AMSAT-DL. He is our famous documentation manager and responsible for all photos and documentation about P3-D.
P3-D with the SBS hanging on the crane for installation in the CCU2 transport container.
The SBS gets bolted down on the CCU2 container for a secure transport from S3A to the BAF in the night.
After an overnight stay in the BAF, the CCU2 airconditioned container was opened and the ACU adapter ring with the separation interface was installed.
The SAS airlock in the BAF with it's amazing dimensions for huge spacecrafts.
P3-D and the SBS ready for installation on the ASAP5 structure.
The two STRV microsatellites from DERA are already mounted on the ASAP5.
The SBS was carefully lowered down and than 244 bolts had to be installed.
The COTE was also moved to Room50 in the BAF. After installation of the SBS on the stack, the umbillical was connected to the COTE and the batteries recharged. The COTE computer can be remote controlled from the OCOE in the CDL3.
Our new office in the CDL3 blockhouse. Our spacecraft telemetry can be monitored from here. The office in the S3 A area was needed to be cleared for the arrival of the next satellites team.
Our AR507 launch vehicle in the Launcher Integration Building (BIL) just before the transfer to the BAF in the morning of October 27.
Our launch vehicle for flight V135 arrives at the Final Assembly Building (BAF). Here the payloads will be mated to the launcher.
Chuck Green and Peter Gülzow with Didier Casse and Lucas Chiecchio from Arianespace. Everything is ready..
Transfer of the COTE-Rack with the checkout terminal equipment into the Launch table.

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