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Become part of the project AMSAT-Phase 3EXPRESS with your donation!

AMSAT-Phase 3EXPRESS (P3E) is the next satellite in the world renowned series of AMSAT Phase 3 satellites (P3A, AO-10, AO-13 and AO-40). Work on the satellite, planned for launch in 2007/2008, has already started. Beside the efforts of the international design team, this satellite, with amateur-radio on-board, also needs your contribution to become reality. So here is the opportunity to support this project with your donation. For more information about P3E, see

You can send your donation by check or international money order. Also cash by letter is accepted, mailed to the address as shown. On personal checks the banks fees are rather high. Also money orders from foreign countries become substantially reduced by the banks' fees. Therefore we would prefer to receive your valued donation by creditcard; VISA or MasterCard . Sorry no PayPal as yet; in planning.
    AMSAT Deutschland e.V.
    Ernst-Giller-Str. 20
    D-35039 Marburg/Lahn
In case you wish to remit your valued donation by bank transfer please see our account numbers at right. Please add the remark " Donation P3E ".

    IBAN (Internat. Bank Account):
    DE20 5001 0060 0315 0006 00
Or send your donation on-line with your VISA or MasterCard     credit card. The data transfer is "secure". Select the desired amount of your donation. You can combine different values e. g. 1000 € = 5 x 200 € or edit it after proceeding in the "Warenkorb". We have prepared a guide for you wich tells you how to proceed. Go here to the guide and enter your amount of donation, thank you!