[Forum] AMSAT groups support ZEL funding

Peter Guelzow peter.guelzow at kourou.de
Thu Nov 22 23:13:49 CET 2007

Noch ein kleiner Nachtrag:

Dies ist eine offizielle Erklärung von AMSAT-NA, AMSAT-UK und AMSAT-DL.

Weitere Neuigkeiten wird es demnächst hier geben und ausführlicher im
kommenden AMSAT-DL Journal.
Momentan haben wir alle hände voll zutun um das neue Zentrale
Entwicklungslabor der AMSAT-DL umzubauen und auch die Server-Probleme
halten uns noch auf trapp...

viele Grüße
Peter, DB2OS

Peter Guelzow wrote:
> Press Release
> -------------
> AMSAT groups support ZEL funding
> --------------------------------
> Earlier this year the Directors of AMSAT-DL were informed by the University
> of Marburg in Germany that it had been decided that funding for the ZEL by
> the University would cease at the end of 2007. The Directors approached
> AMSAT-NA and AMSAT-UK for financial assistance in keeping the ZEL open for
> another year. The sum of 25,000 Euros was requested.
> At recent meetings of the AMSAT-NA Board and of the AMSAT-UK Committee, it
> was agreed that both would contribute to the donation. Given the relative
> sizes of the two donating AMSAT groups it was agreed that AMSAT-NA would
> donate 75% of the money required, and that AMSAT-UK would donate 25%.
> The ZEL (Zentrales Entwicklungslabor fur electronic, roughly translated as
> the Central Development Laboratory for Electronics) has been the facility
> which, over the last 40 years, has been at the centre of much amateur
> satellite development activity by members of the University, members of
> AMSAT-DL, as well as other members of AMSAT from outside Germany. The most
> famous satellite to be produced there was OSCAR-13 which gave the Amateur
> Radio Community many years of excellent service.
> Currently under construction is Phase 3E, a satellite similar in size and
> shape to OSCAR-13, but with many advanced features. It will carry a 70 cms
> to 2 metre band transponder, as well as transponders on other bands.
> Importantly it will carry its own rocket motor which will boost its orbit
> into a highly elliptical one, which will give world wide coverage, allowing
> ordinary radio amateur great DX possibilities through the transponders.
> Radio Amateurs have not had such a satellite since the demise of AO-40 in
> March 2004.
> The P3E satellite is still under construction in the ZEL, and its completion
> is anticipated for sometime in 2008. It is note worthy that some of the
> personnel employed by the University to work in the ZEL have undertaken to
> continue working on P3E as volunteers.
> Links:
> Pictures of the ZEL
> http://www.uk.amsat.org/gallery2/main.php?g2_itemId=32
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