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Peter Guelzow peter.guelzow at kourou.de
Fri Oct 16 00:06:04 CEST 2009

hier noch einmal die letzten Stunden von AO-40 aus der Sicht eines
Mediziners....    ich habe übrigens den 400 Bit/s Sound noch heute in
meinen Ohren..
Als ich damals das Leben von AO-10 verlängert habe und wochenlang um die
defekten Speicherstellen "herum" programmiert habe, bin ich manchmal mit
dem Kopfhörer und der PSK-Bake in den Ohren eingeschlafen.  So manche
Nacht habe ich mir so um die Ohren gehauen, bis der Speicher praktisch
unbrauchbar war und ich keine NOPs oder andere Befehle mehr nutzen
konnte.. es waren mehr Lücken als brauchbare Speicherstellen... 
Irgendwann war ich dann, wie AO-10,  auch kurz vor dem Kollaps. Noch
Wochen/Monate nachdem AO-10 verstummt war, habe ich die 400 Bit/s Bake
im Kopf gehabt.. 

" --W4SM for the AO-40 Command Team

PERSONAL NOTE : Like my colleagues on the command team, I have lived and
breathed AO-40 for over four years. All of us can almost mentally
decode 400 bps PSK. We hear it in our sleep. I was watching the battery
voltage telemetry at the exact moment that the voltage dropped
precipitously. In my "day job" I have frequently watched catastrophic
events unfold in human beings, and the feeling was EXACTLY the same.
Part of my day job is to have to make quick decisions during times such
times, decisions that can have serious consequences. I was
instantly aware that we had a serious power event, and I considered
cutting the main battery loose and trying to run on the nearly
completely discharged and untested under load aux. battery. However,
because I did not have a clear understanding of where the primary
fault was, I elected to watch things and try to figure out what was
happening. The general rule of, "when in doubt wait to understand"
works most of the time... In this case it didn't, and I'd sure like to
live those minutes over again and cut the main battery loose.
Hindsight is always 20-20. Of course, if it had crashed anyway, then I'd
really be beating myself up. If it's at all possible to bring AO-
40 back, we will. If the voltage is clamped low and there is no other
damage, we may end up waiting a long time for a cell to "open",
hopefully not as long as for AO-07. ..or it may happen today. No success
for even weeks or months does not mean that we won't eventually be
successful. We will sure keep trying. Several of you have written very
nice notes of support. Thank you."

73s Peter DB2OS

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