[Forum] ARRL: Transatlantic Amateur Radio Balloon Launch

Tom DF5JL df5jl at web.de
Wed Apr 20 08:34:51 CEST 2011

A Satel-light ;-)


Transatlantic Amateur Radio Balloon Launch


The Project Blue Horizon 5 high-altitude transatlantic balloon is 
scheduled for launch, weather permitting, at 0400 UTC (midnight EDST) 
Friday, April 22, from Oswego, New York. The weather forecast for launch 
time calls for clear to partly cloudy conditions.

The Project Blue Horizon team is attempting to break current Amateur 
Radio high-altitude balloon records for distance (3361.81 miles) and 
duration (49 hours, 45 minutes). The payload will be carried beneath a 
54,000 cubic foot capacity helium-filled balloon cruising between 85,000 
and 100,000 feet.

Amateurs worldwide are encouraged to monitor the N2XE CW telemetry 
beacons at 7.1023 and 10.1466 MHz. The balloon is also equipped with an 
APRS beacon at 144.39 MHz using the call sign KC2ZJH. Amateurs can send 
reports via e-mail to PBH15.data at gmail.com. More information about the 
program, including the latest projected flight path, is at the Project 
Blue Horizon website [1]. Launch and flight updates will also be 
available on Twitter [2].

[1] http://www.projectbluehorizon.com/
[2] http://twitter.com/PBH5


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