[Forum] Zustand von HO-68

Gerd Sönnichsen gerd.soennichsen at t-online.de
Mon May 23 20:05:19 CEST 2011

Folgende Nachricht zum Zustand von HO-68 ist im AMSAT-BB
zu lesen:

> did CAMSAT have anything realistic to say about HO-68 ?

Yes, Alan Kung, BA1DU and CEO of CAMSAT was one of the speakers at the AMSAT Forum.  He reported that HO-68 is suffering from a bad relay or relay driver that is used to switch from the beacon to the transponder.  The likelihood of recovery is low, but not zero.  As my schedule permits, I plan to post Alan's very informative presentation on the AMSAT web site.  Watch for an announcement from ANS (the AMSAT News Service).

Here is the explanation from Alan's slide.  Since I have a copy of his presentation, these are exact quotes, not my interpretation:

-- The current situation is the transponders will be difficult to switch the RF PA from beacon mode to transponder mode

-- The RF relay or its drive circuit is failing, it is a stick relay.  Probability of success of switch is probably a few tenth

-- On the other hand, up to now the both solar and lithium-ion batteries are in very nice condition

-- The exhibitions of the thermal-control, onboard flight computer and TT&C are also excellent.


73 Gerd, DL8DR
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