[Forum] Brazil, Ukraine Heading for Orbit

Thomas Frey th.frey at vtxmail.ch
Sun Oct 28 14:47:16 CET 2012

News posted on Space-Travel.com reports that Brazil and Ukraine are
partners in Alcantara Cyclone Space (ACS), a company which is prepar-
ing for the launch of the Cyclone-4 rockets from Brazil's Alcantara
base in the northeastern Maranhao state.

The Ukrainian Yuzhnoye engineering office is working on the develop-
ment of Cyclone-4, a new Cyclone series vehicle to be commercialized
exclusively by ACS. The Cyclone series of launch vehicles is one of
the most successful series of rockets ever developed building on the
prior successes of the Cyclone-2, and Cyclone-3 series initially bas-
ed on the SS-9 Scarp Intercontinental Ballistic Missile. A new third
stage will enable the Cyclone-4 to inject 5,300 kg in low Earth or-
bit, or 1,600 kg into a geo-transfer orbit. A new 4-meter diameter
payload unit is under development for the Cyclone-4.

Alcantara Cyclone Space plans the first launch from Brazil by 2014.

Wäre das nicht eine Möglichkeit, um Phase-3E endlich in den Orbit zu
bringen ?


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