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Hallo Gerard, 

I tried to send you an email message but it isn't
accepted by freenet.de with the following
error message: "smtp; 550
Submission from dynamic IP x.x.x.x requires authentication" 

isn't accepting email from users with a dynamic ip address. I have a
fixed, but that
is a completely other discussion. 

Below is the message
that I wanted to send to you in reply to your question. 

73 Jan PE0SAT

>>> Original email message: 

Hallo Gerard, 

A zip file with files
that I used to download bulk three line data. Can be downloaded at the
following location: http://janvgils.home.xs4all.nl/download/HK-wget.zip

This command/batch file that is part of the zip file is working on
Windows 7 X64. 

The option "--no-check-certificate" solves the error
you experienced but in a final production version this option should not
be used. The error is caused by the fact that the wget openssl library
isn't able to check the ssl certificate owner to see if ssl certificate
is valid. 

So I guess finally you will have to use the C source that is
also available on the space-track webpage so that your source will check
via the ssl library from windows with the ssl cert. owner. 

I hope this
will guide you in the right direction. 

Don't forget to change the
environment variables in space-track.cmd when you want to check the
files I have send. 

73 Jan PE0SAT 

<<< End message 

On 26-07-2013
17:06, PE0SAT | Amateur Radio wrote: 

> Hi Gerd, 
> I don't know if
you are aware of the following space track howto page: 
https://www.space-track.org/documentation#/howto [1] 
> At the moment
I use the wget example on the howto page to get the new data from
space-track. Maybe it helps in figuring out how to solve this within
> 73 Jan PE0SAT 
> On 20-07-2013 21:35, Gerhard
Riesner wrote: 
>> Hallo... 
>> seit dem 16.Juli können die
Keplerdaten von SPACE TRACK nicht mehr per http - Protokoll sondern nur
noch per https - Protokoll erreicht werden. Die von mir veröffentlichten
Programme "HalloKepler" und "HalloSat" können jetzt die Daten nicht mehr
>> Seit Tagen suche ich jetzt eine Lösung, die möglichst mit
der WININET Komponente unter DELPHI 7 arbeitet. Alle Recherchen im
Internet und Versuche führten zu keinem Ergebnis. Möglicherweise ist
mein inzwischen 67jähriges Gehirn auch nicht mehr flexibel genug... 

>> Nun hoffe ich darauf, dass ein Leser dieser Zeilen mir einen guten
Tipp geben kann. 
>> Vy 73, Gerd - DB3DH

With regards
Internet web-page http://www.pe0sat.vgnet.nl/

[1] https://www.space-track.org/documentation#/howto
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