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Thomas Frey th.frey at vtxmail.ch
Mon Jul 29 12:18:17 CEST 2013

PE0SAT | Amateur Radio schrieb:
> The option "--no-check-certificate" solves the error you experienced 
> but in a final production version this option should not be used. The 
> error is caused by the fact that the wget openssl library isn't able 
> to check the ssl certificate owner to see if ssl certificate is valid.
> So I guess finally you will have to use the C source that is also 
> available on the space-track webpage so that your source will check 
> via the ssl library from windows with the ssl cert. owner.
Jan, I had the same problem with WGET and used Curl instead. I have
the code available if anyone want it.

Wenn jemand den Code zu Curl braucht, kann er mich direkt anmailen.
Er ist ├╝brigens auch auf den Space-Track-Seiten beschrieben.


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