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Gerhard Riesner Gerhard.Riesner at freenet.de
Mon Jul 29 22:00:14 CEST 2013

Hallo Allerseits - Hello Jan,
many thanks for your quick answer! I have download your zip file and tested
Now I will insert this in my programs "HalloKepler" and "HalloSat". If that
is done, I will send a message here in the mailinglist.

Schönen Dank Jan und auch Thomas (HB9SKA) für Hinweise zur Lösung meines
Problems. Ich habe mich für die Lösung mit "wget" entschieden.

Ich werde den gesicherten Download der Keplerdaten von SpaceTrack in meine
Programme "HalloKepler" und "HalloSat" integrieren. Die Bedienung wird die
gleiche bleiben wie bisher, für den Benutzer also kein Unterschied. Das wird
aber noch ein paar Tage dauern. Wenn das geschehen ist, dann werde ich eine
kurze Info hier ins Forum senden.

73, Gerd - DB3DH


>>> Original email message:

Hallo Gerard,

A zip file with files that I used to download bulk three line data. Can be
downloaded at the following location:

This command/batch file that is part of the zip file is working on Windows 7

The option "--no-check-certificate" solves the error you experienced but in
a final production version this option should not be used. The error is
caused by the fact that the wget openssl library isn't able to check the ssl
certificate owner to see if ssl certificate is valid.

So I guess finally you will have to use the C source that is also available
on the space-track webpage so that your source will check via the ssl
library from windows with the ssl cert. owner.

I hope this will guide you in the right direction.

Don't forget to change the environment variables in space-track.cmd when you
want to check the files I have send.

73 Jan PE0SAT

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